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#1 – Luray, Virginia

By admin | September 16, 2009

I did only the caverns. I drove down Interstate 81 and turned off the highway for the 15 mile drive to Luray. The signs are clearly marked and the entrance to the caverns is covered by a rather ugly spanish style pavilion. It was a Sunday and the parking lot was crowded – lots of Japanese tour buses.

The admission fee is $19 for adults. You assemble in the waiting area and they let groups in every 5 minutes or so. There are no guided tours really. You walk along the pathways and every little bit there is a “guide” but they don’t really give a spiel.

The walking tour takes about an hour and the vertical descent is 165 feet so it is a fairly easy walk for caverns. There has been quite a bit of “development” in the cave so the walkways are wide and there are handrails. Unfortunately, to do this it looks as if there has been some damage down in terms of knocking down formations.

About 15 minutes into walk there is a reflecting pool that is interesting, there is the requisite wishing well, and then towards the end there is a small formation called the fried eggs that you should look for. You exit the cave into the gift shop, but the clerk mentioned that there is nothing for sale that is actually from the cavern itself.

Restrooms: B-

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